How Creating ‘Life Compass’ Helped Me Fulfill My Purpose

Jan 25, 2021

 Do you live with purpose? Do what you were meant to do?

For some, it’s a clear no.

For others, it’s not so obvious. On the outside it all looks good. A stellar career. A thriving business. A great home life.

Yet something’s missing. 

Before long, it gets hard to ignore the symptoms. Low energy. Zero motivation. Feeling oh so drained. 

I know, because I’ve been there. 

But now I experience a joy and fulfillment I’ve never known before. 

Going in the right direction and doing what you’re meant to do impacts everything. Your overall happiness. Your outlook. Your relationships and your well-being. With the potential to improve the world around you.

Perhaps my story will inspire you to find what you were truly meant to do. 


The Power of Past Events

Certain events in your life mold you into who you become. For me, two particular events stand out. 

For the first one, I was only eight years old.

The words weren’t meant for my ears, but I heard the disgust in her voice.

My breath caught and I could scarcely make it back to my chair. I sat numb until the party ended.

I could no longer ignore the chasm of difference between me and the other students.

My upbringing in Kingston, Jamaica was founded in poverty. But I was loved, made to feel important and that I mattered.  

I excelled in school. And was sent away to a prestigious school for academics.

My classmates had their own beautifully decorated rooms. Their parents drove cars. What a contrast from the two-room, multi-generational space my family shared.

Although our financial status couldn’t be more different, I believed we were equals in school. At least until my grade 3 Christmas party. 

The teachers called for seconds. So, I ran with everyone else to grab a plate.

That’s when I heard it,

“Look how quickly she comes up before everyone and her parents contributed nothing… as usual”. She was my favourite teacher.

Her words reverberated in my head. I now understood there was something less about me compared to everyone else. 

My life forever changed that day.

That hateful phrase pushed me to work harder, dig deeper, and go further than even I believed possible. 


Distancing Myself from Poverty

I vowed to put enough distance between me and poverty so it could never, ever catch me. 

Not long after high school, I seized my one chance to become an entrepreneur. 

It had to work or I’d be headed back to poverty. Ridiculed for having the audacity to try and rise above my circumstances, by those who’d never tried. I refused that life.

At that time, the landscape for start-ups was different. There were no global databases. No access to expertise. ‘Instant access to information’ wasn’t even a phrase yet.  

I had no business foundation. I didn’t even know any entrepreneurs. I had to figure it out and learn from my mistakes. 

Those limitations proved valuable. I saw what worked and what didn’t. I developed strategies. And adapted to weather the storms.


An Entrepreneurial Journey

I transitioned from computer sales into telecommunications. This opened up opportunities in business-to-business and large enterprises.

In a span of three years, I had hundreds of employees around the world. And all the systems, processes, and accountability that goes with it.

I had no choice but to delegate.

As my business grew, I needed more operational support. Rather than outsource, it made sense to create separate companies to provide what I needed.

Suddenly, I was a serial entrepreneur.

This exposure to other businesses opened my eyes. Each industry has a way of doing things. I saw I could adopt a process from one, to create an innovative solution in another.

This helped solidify my foundation in business principles and operations.

My journey wasn’t easy. I had hard lessons and massive failures along the way. But it taught me to trust my values and prioritize relationships.  


When Success Isn’t Enough

In the beginning I didn’t care what the business was, I just wanted success.

Before long, I only looked for businesses primed for explosive growth.

This had nothing to do with passion or purpose. I just wanted to be in the right place, at the right time, ready to snag the best opportunity.

After pouring myself into business for years, I got tired of the drain on my inner resources.

I wanted something more. Something to feel passionate about. A chance to flourish… emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

To keep a promise to become a positive influence in the world around me.



The Second Defining Event

I had half-brothers and sisters growing up, but only one full sibling—my sister Natece.

One night, we were meant to go to the shop together. But I got pulled away and she went alone. I would never see my sister alive again. Some gang members murdered her as they robbed the store. She was only 14.

Natece was a fighter. Strong, outstanding and beautiful. She never got the chance to live out her dreams. She wanted to affect positive change in the world.  

I will do it for both of us. 

Creating ‘Life Compass’ allowed me to fulfill that dream along with my purpose.


Want Your Compass Pointing in the Right Direction?

Whatever direction you prefer—whether a career-minded or starting your own business—Life Compass steers you to success.

From my background as a corporate employer, I know what managers want in employees.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know how to be successful in business. 

Life Compass has everything in one place.

The assessments, tools and resources. All the accountability and support you need to avoid the pitfalls and accomplish your goals. 

Imagine if everyone was blessed enough to figure out their purpose.

Every sector of society filled with those doing what they loved. Creating an ideal life for themselves. 

This is what I want for you. A life filled with more joy, kindness, inner strength and faith in yourself. 

Explore your options here when you’re ready. 

If you’re not doing what you were meant to do, what challenges do you face? Leave me a message in the comments below.